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Project Runway Recaps--Are You "In" or "Out"?
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This is a new community that has been created for those of us who love Project Runway! So, are you "in" or are you "out"? Every week, we will feature recaps of each new episode of Project Runway written by one of our members. Also, we will feature profiles on the contestants participating in the show this season. As all communities do, we will have a few simple rules:

1. Be nice. No doubt, everyone will have different opinions--that's the point!--but do not impose your opinion upon anyone else. You're welcome to express your feelings about the show, just do it in a nice way, and don't bash any other members. If you do, your comment or post will be deleted.
2. We're open here, but please try to stay on-topic with your posts. I'm not going to moderate posts, but don't abuse that. I would like to keep the community on-topic. Feel free to post, just keep it related to Project Runway!
3. Recaps and profiles will be assigned on a first-come, first-servve basis. If you would like to write something for the community, post with which episode/designer you would like to write a piece on. I will post on this info page which designers or episodes have been taken. If what you wanted is taken, feel free to ask for something/someone else, or just express your own thoughts in the comments of the recap/profile you wanted.
4. Doing these recaps will require a few things: I want all of the recaps and profiles to be accurate and interesting to read. If this means you may have to do a little fact-checking, please do it. Also, I would like to limit the spelling and grammar mistakes in the recaps and profiles as much as possible. Please edit! Spell-check is a beautiful thing.
5. Most of all, enjoy! This community is meant for fun, to get to know people who, like you, love this show, to read some witty recaps, and to enjoy yourself.

So, let's make it work everyone!


Vincent Libretti
Kayne Gillaspie: eastofbandwagon
Robert Best: schizophrenic0
Uli Herzner
Stacey Estrella
Katherine Gerdes
Malan Breton
Keith Michael
Angela Keslar
Laura Bennett: matt47
Jeffrey Sebelia: cahhrol
Bradley Baumkirchner
Allison Kelly
Bonnie Dominguez
Michael Knight


Road to the Runway Special
Episode 1: i_heart_my_geek
Episode 2: eastofbandwagon
Episode 3: matt47
Episode 4: schizophrenic0
Episode 5: cahhrol

All other episodes are open for claim.