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Project Runway Recaps--Are You "In" or "Out"?

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My Runway Recap of Episode 3. [Jul. 28th, 2006|11:26 pm]
Project Runway Recaps--Are You "In" or "Out"?


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Sorry it's a little late. It would've been up a few hours ago, but I couldn't get to my computer.

So, on this week’s episode of Project Runway, the designers’ challenge was that they had to design a set of outfits for not only their model, but for a dog as well. First off, I’ve got to side with Laura here. I don’t like dogs very much at all, either. But I digress. On to the recap. My assessment of the designs:

Kayne: I love Kayne. No matter what, his designs always look like he had a lot of fun while he was making it, and that always comes across on the runway. I thought that all of the bright, vibrant colors gave the dress a very youthful, energetic feel. And the design reminded me of something from the 70’s, but in a good way. And I thought the jacket was great. Probably my favorite this week.

Uli: I loved her dress last week, and I thought this week’s was just as good. Her win was well-deserved. And I loved her dog’s outfit, especially the “Hi Ladies”. I thought it was a nice touch.

Robert: Look, I loved Robert’s dress this week. It was really, really good, but compared to his first week design, I thought it was so-so. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t crazy about the top as much as I was everything else. But, still really, really good.

Allison: I liked her outfit. I didn’t love it as much as the judges did, but I did like it. I thought the model and the dog complemented each other well, also.

Bradley: I thought that the judges praised his outfit WAY too much. I don’t think it’s nearly as good as they seem to think. I wouldn’t call it the most original design either, but it’s still not that bad.

Keith: I really liked the outfit, aside from the fact that the collar on it reminds me one of those cones that they put around a dog’s head. But I still hate how he seems to think that everything/everyone is beneath him. If it’s all beneath you, then LEAVE! Asshole. I’m glad that the judges kind of set him in his place this week, and how Laura went off on him. He deserved it. And is it just me, or do Keith and his dog look a lot alike, especially their noses?

Bonnie: I liked it, but I thought that, with the jacket, her design was, ironically, very Cruella De Vil.

Katherine: I don’t get why the judges didn’t like this all that much. Sure, there was a bit of a sewing problem, but you can’t tell me that this was worse than Bradley’s, Vicent’s, or Angela’s. And I loved the hoodie on the dog! I think if she would’ve added a hoodie, and maybe even pockets (like Daniel V.’s 13th look had), then she wouldn’t have gone home. Without that, though, I still don’t think it was bad enough to go home for.

Vincent: Ok…let me get this straight. Katherine’s design was way better than Vincent’s, yet she’s the one who gets told that her outfit was “poorly executed.” The judges called Katherine’s design lazy and dull, and yet they didn’t think that Vincent’s was? WTF? I just wish he’d get eliminated soon…

Michael: Why doesn’t he get more airtime? His dress this week was great! The only flaw was the potato sack fabric, but aside from that, I thought it looked great.

Laura: I loved her outfit. What I like most about her designs is that they always look very sophisticated and classy, yet fun and original at the same time. I think her new friendship with Michael will be great for her in the long run, because I think it’ll help her to try different things. I can’t wait until the next group challenge, because I want to see them work together again. And I laughed so hard when she went off on Keith. I thought she was going to snap his head off. But he deserves it, so it’s ok.

Angela: Ok, I don’t get it. In most states, if a woman walked down the street wearing that outfit, she’d get arrested. I thought the outfit looked like what happens when you cross Grease with a 1980’s Times Square hooker. And yet, she still stays. Seriously, WTF? Why is she still here? Here stuff in the Road to the Runway special looked promising, but her stuff has since taken a huge dive in terms of quality. Sure, like the judges said, her clothes are well-sewn, but still

Jeffery: Holy crap! For once, he made an outfit that doesn’t make me want to think of him as Santino 2.0. He showed that he might actually be able to design a decent dress. His attitude still annoys me, but that’s alright. The dress was ok for once, so I won’t complain.

So, after this episode, I’d have to say that Laura, Kayne, Robert, Uli, and Michael are my favorites. Right now, I’m hoping that the first 3 make it to fashion week. According to next week’s preview, for the first time in Project Runway history, someone is getting kicked off. I’m going to predict that it’s Keith.

Looking forward to reading your recap next week, schizophrenic0!