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Project Runway Recaps--Are You "In" or "Out"?

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Recap: Episode 1! [Jul. 14th, 2006|11:42 am]
Project Runway Recaps--Are You "In" or "Out"?
Ladies and Gentlemen…I give you…this week’s recap!

Now, I figured that this would be a good time to lay down the rules about the recaps so that everyone has something to reference when they write their own. Well, they’re not really rules, more of guidelines. The first and foremost rule of recapping is that I want you to be creative and have fun writing them. There are just a couple other small things that should be noted.

1. Recaps should be posted by midnight on the Friday after the episode you’re recapping airs. If this is a problem, let me know and I’ll give you an extension. If you do not come to me with a request for an extension and your recap is not posted, it will be passed on to someone else on that Sunday. Try and be prompt!
2. Recaps can be of any length, but make sure that they are accompanied by an lj-cut. The lj-cut is very important. Especially when your recap is lengthy, which they should really be.
3. I can’t stress it enough—Spelling and grammar checks are very important, as are fact checks. Make sure that you are accurate, and that your recap is as free oi spelling and grammar mistakes as possible.
4. As for designer profiles, as soon as more of those positions fill up I will post a schedule for the order in which they will be posted. If you have a problem posting your designer profile when it’s assigned, let me know and I will give you a different date.
5. If you don’t know much about recaps fo shows, you can use mine as a template, but you don’t have to. Feel free to be as creative as you want to be with your recaps—I don’t care what you do with them, that’s your choice. Just make sure that you include important information about challenges, winners, and eliminations.

So there’s your rules! And now, for the main event. This week’s recap.

Welcome to Season 3! I know we were all totally pumped to see the new season starting and the question on everyone’s minds…will this be able to top Season 2? Well, I’m here to tell you…I seriously doubt it. But let’s find out, shall we?

The first person we meet is Crazy Vampire Jackass Malan. He auditioned for all three seasons. He missed the boat Season 1, but after insulting each of the judges in their own special way at Season 2 auditions, he somehow got through. And then didn’t show up. How this conceited S.O.B had the balls to show up for Season 3 auditions I’ll never know. Apparently, he had some kind of epiphany (a.k.a. someone told him he wasn’t as amazing as he thought he was) because he’s nice and apologetic this time. Until he shows up for the actual competition.

Then we meet Michael Knight, my early favorite. He’s the Black Guy Who Doesn’t Realize He’s Into Fashion. His eveningwear looked pretty stunning to me, so I hope he can live up. Next we meet Laura Bennett, the Architect-Turned-Designer. She’s a like a glamorous mom of five and she seems pretty awesome. Then there’s Angela, the Girl From Absolutely Nowhere, Kayne, the Crazy-Yet-Awesome Mommy Dearest Impersonator from Oklahoma, the Conceited Asshole Jeffrey who won’t take off his hoodie, Keith Who Does Menswear, Alison The Cute, Young Artsy Girl, Uli The Foreign Loveable Girl with the Weird Name, Bonnie the Snowboarder who designed with Serena Willaims, and a few others who are never introduced formally. We’ll get to them later.

Then…*gasp* A note! They haven’t even settled into their apartments (which are fabulous, by the way) and already they’re called to the roof for “a toast” (a.k.a. the oh-so-sneaky beginning of their first challenge)? Well yay! Let’s get this party started!

They go up to the roof and see Heidi, who is annoyingly cute as always, and Tim, who is just plain awesome as always. Then we meet a few more of our lovely designers. First up is Vincent (or, as I like to call him, Austin Powers: New York) who is going to be absolutely crazy as far as I can tell. Then we meet Robert Best, the Barbie Designer (is his last name going to signify anything?) and then Stacy Estrella, the Older MBA-Turned-Designer (I don’t think her last name is going to signify anything)…she’s too…frumpy to be a star.)

Then Heidi says the magic words. “Gather round, everyone!” She asks if everyone likes the new apartments and then announces that they’re going to have to use materials from their apartments for raw materials for a dress. There are a few girlish screams and then everyone goes running for the best bedsheets and curtains. Malan is “Irritated.” He prefers “better quality materials and fabrics.” Pshaw. He’s going to be the Stephen Asprinio of PR:3. He refers to the other designers as “cattle trying to get to a feeder.” That would make you the tsetse fly, right?

Craziness ensues. Laura goes for sparkles and fur. Angela takes everything in sight. Bradley tries to steal Robert’s pillowcase, and Malan is still complaining about how “inappropriate” people act. I gotta be honest with you, I kinda hope someone throws a lamp at him.

They go to their workspace and start pulling out all their stuff, Tim gives them his usual challenge talking-to, tells him that he’s assigned them models and gives them their time constraints, and tells them that the winner of this challenge will have immunity for the next challenge. Ooooh…as Angela put it, “Let the drama begin!”

Keith harps some more about his menswear skills, Jeffrey brags, and we quickly learn that Stacey who is a fashion designer does not know how to use a sewing machine. WTF? You’re a FASHION DESIGNER! What do you do with your life? Knit everything? She’s going to be thinned out pretty quickly.

Before we know it, Tim comes around with his first criticisms. Vincent has these hideous puff-paint looking star things on the pockets of his very-plain dress and a basket that he’s going to use as a hat. Tim knows that that is NEVER going to work, And yet, Vincent takes this as a good sign and starts gluing chains and coins onto his “hat.” This guy aiin’t too smart, is he? Jeffrey is working with some crazy jacket-dress combo (apparently light on the dress part), It looks like something that a model from the 1940’s would wear when discreetly sneaking out of a man’s house after a one-night stand. Stacey is trying to hand-sew everything (which is almost as funny as Chloe trying to glue each individual leaf onto that garden dress last season) and has almost nothing done (and Tim is not pleased). Keith apparently doesn’t respect the judges. I assign him as this season’s Santino. From what we see of the other designs, everything looks fairly similar to everything else so I’m not too sure about how this will work out. Jeffrey is being a pompous asshole and says that everything else is “remedial, midlevel bullshit” and that “none of the designs inspired me—except for mine.” Yeah, that’s definitely Santino.

So then they get back to their apartments and, in perfect American fashion, think that their apartments are automatically going to be magically cleaned up for them. Jesus, it’s not like they paid for any of this. They’re lucky they’ve been given a place to sleep! They shouldn’t expect stuff to be cleaned up for them. I’m glad that the production didn’t just put everything back together. Maybe it’ll put things a little in perspective if they have to sleep on the floor.

Next morning they’re back in the workroom. And then, miraculously…MALAN COMPLIMENTS SOMEONE! He tells Laura he jacket is “so hot.’ And Kayne tells Michael his coffee-filter dress looks like “it would smell like Febreze.” Awww…how sweet. They’re bonding.

Now we see models. Boobs are falling out and skirts are to sheer. Stacey’s skirt is incomplete and pretty much see-through and she has to make some “little coquettish underwear to go underneath” that look like granny panties. Vincent, who I am now convinced is still on an acid trip from the ‘80s, gives his model the basket-hat and a massive pair of sunglasses to wear. I feel so bad for the poor model…she must be ready to strangle herself with her ugly spaghetti straps.

And now…welcome to the Runway! Our first show is about to begin and I’m super-excited. This is the best part of the show…getting to look at pretty (or, in some cases, pretty disastrous) garments. Let’s see what they’ve got in store.

Laura’s coat is drop-dead fabulous. It’s sparkly, furry, and glamorous. She’s one of my favorites out of the gate. I want to know what the hell Bradley was thinking with his shapeless sweater-thing. It just lays across this model and it’s really kind of lifeless, and the dress is boring as well. Keith’s dress is nothing special…it was just a long, blue thing with no real embellishment. Angela’s dress is totally killer and sexy, though I don’t get her accessories. It looked like the model was hanging a bouquet of flowers from her armpit. Kayne seems to be talented, except for the weird red ribbons hanging down past
the hem of his lovely dress. Malan’s dress looks awful. He definitely can’t walk the walk, though he’s proven he can overly talk the talk. Bonnie’s is cute, and her model’s boobs didn’t fall out (everyone look disappointed now). Katherine’s was great, nice color. It was this beautiful vibrant blue, and the jacket was cute and simple. Michael’s coffee-filter dress was my favorite. I adored the style and it was very innovative. And Vincent…ahh, poor, sad Vincent…she looked amazingly funny, if not at all fashionable. Alison’s was so-so…kind of average and unmemorable. It was a sort of plain bluish-white with silver chains hanging from the neck. Not too daring at all. Stacey’s, for all its sheerness, I loved. I adored the skirt. It was flowy, and even though the boobs weren’t where they should be I loved the top. Robert’s was awesome, though it looked like a Barbie dress. I didn’t quite get Uli’s color scheme (gray-blue and yellow? Ick.) and it didn’t show off any curves. Jeffrey’s another one who can’t walk the walk. The dress was okay, but the whole long-in-the-back-short-in-the-front thing didn’t make any sense, and the jacket just didn’t go at all.

Whew, that was a mouthful! There are too many of them at this point to really know what they’re about. But onto the judging. On the runway, Alison, Bradley, Angela, Kayne, Malan, bonnie, Katherine, Michael, and Uli are asked to step forward They’re the mediocre ones, apparently, who qualified for the next round. There are now six left, and they are the highest and lowest scores. As Heidi says, “One of you will be named the winner, and one of you will be OUT.”

The models are brought forth, and they each are questioned about their designs. Laura describes her design as “not for a wallflower.” This is true. It’s a very vibrant fur-collared coat with sequins dangling from the bottom. Very glamorous, but I don’t think I could really wear that every day. Then we see Vincent’s. I kind of feel bad for him. He seems immensely clueless. He’s like your crazy uncle who drinks too much at Christmas and eats all the gingerbread cookies. They tell him that his hat was not at all innovative, which it was not, and he quickly says how unsure he was about the hat. Maybe he’ll tone it down from now on. Keith’s judging is perfectly boring, with some speech about Gone With The Wind and Carol Brunett. I hate it when the designers give five-minute explanations. Keith said that there was no joke to his design, which implies to me that he thinks the others have some kind of joke. I don’t like him that much. Stacey is bashed for her ugly undies, and her top looks like “the pillows are still in the pillowcase.” I don’t think that’s true, but that’s definitely just me. Robert’s dress is lovely, and he referred to West Side Story, which just beats everything. His was definitely the best out of these chosen top three. Jeffrey’s outfit is bashed to death and he makes sure to point out all his experience as a production designer and a rock ‘n’ roll designer. And apparently, Jeffrey’s into animation. Hmmm…that explains a lot.

And the winner is…Keith! Totally not the right winner. He was my fourth-choice out of these six, honestly. I even liked Stacey’s better than his, his dress was just so boring. After winning, he’s sure to point out, once again, that this is the first dress he’s ever made. We get that you’re a menswear designer. You’ve only told us ten thousand times. He better let up on that. But we’ll see where things go from here for him. Unbelievably, Stacey is kicked out over Crazy Vincent who will no doubt stick around for rating’s sake.

Auf Wiedersehen, Stacey. We hardly knew ye!

See you next week for Episode 2 with [Bad username: eastofbandwagon]!

Feel free to discuss, debate, and bite my head off. Just be civilized about it, pretty please?

[User Picture]From: matt47
2006-07-14 06:44 pm (UTC)
Laura or Robert should've won the challenge. Keith's dress was ok, definitely not worthy of the win. I wish he and Malan would just leave. My favorite moment of the entire episode had to have been when they all came back and found that their apartments hadn't been cleaned up. Their reactions pretty much made the episode for me.
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[User Picture]From: kitestream
2006-07-19 12:42 am (UTC)

I'm Making It Work

'allo all! I just joined the community. I've been SO looking forward to the new season, had no idea it had this sort of following! Love your recap, especially the descriptions of Vincent.

Gotta agree, Robert should have won. Laura's coat also great. And, if the judging were on sheer innovation, the coffee filter dress, hands down.

I'm convinced they ditched Stacey rather than Jeffrey only because he will provide more drama. His outfit was dreadful and hers was merely ill-fitting. But, really, as long as he and Malan don't win (my jury is still out on Keith, the trailers for tomorrow's episode suggest he's immediately becoming a primadonna), the stuck-on-themselves jerks may add some fun to the season. (That being said, I must admit that I enjoyed season 2 much more than season 1 even though there was less drama, because I liked the people so much more.)
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